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Meet the Geese

Meet the Geese Cotton Patch Geese

Cotton Patch Geese are a rare and critically endangered breed that act as wonderful garden weeders and lawn mowers. The story goes that they fell out of fashion in the 1950s when herbicides were introduced to control weeds, which caused their numbers to decline. We are excited to contribute to the continuation of this breed and to preserve their genetics!

About Our Cotton Patch Geese Our Flock's History and Genetic Preservation

Line A (See/Walker Lines)

On May 28, 2021, we drove to Worth It Farms in Chattahoochie Hills, GA and picked up 2 males and 3 females about 2 weeks old. They are from a mix of their See and Walker lines. We sold one pair to a friend in KY, leaving us with 1 male and 2 females.

Line B (Walker Line)

On June 19, 2021, we met with Heidi Shouten in Pittsboro, NC and picked up 3 males and 3 females about 10 weeks old. Heidi bought her flock from Wendy who bought her flock from Maria. We verified with Worth It Farms that Maria bought her flock from them in 2014 from their Walker line geese. We sold one pair to Ian and Alyson Wade in Marshall, NC and one female to our friend, Brett LeSparkmon of Wooded Acres Poultry in Eolia, KY, leaving us with 2 males and 1 female from this line. We did lose one male to a coyote that summer (in broad daylight)!

Group 1

Pistil (F; Line A) and Stamen (M; Line B)

Group 2

Sepal and Petal (F; Line B) and Stalk (M, Line A)