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Heritage Poultry

Mission What We Do

We raise, breed, and sell poultry on the Livestock Conservancy Conservation Priority List. Our decisions on which breeds to raise take into account:

  • Our local weather conditions
  • Prioritizing Critical (C), Threatened (T), or Watch (W) status
  • Selecting breeds from the 3 groups of: North American breeds, Imported before 1900, and Imported after 1900
  • Balancing naturally high egg producers, variety in egg color, larger egg size, desirable market weight, and frequent level of “broodiness” to hatch and raise new clutches without incubation

We raise our birds on a pasture-based diet to encourage foraging and natural behavior. We offer organic, non-GMO, and soy-free feed as a supplement in their nighttime runs and oyster shell grit free-choice.

Mission Why We Do It

Heritage breeds will take longer than hybrid breeds to grow to a mature weight, but they are generally hardier and more disease resistant than our industrial-bred food animals.

What this means is less illness and less need for human intervention. Did you know that some industrial animals cannot mate, so reproduction cannot happen without artificial insemination?

We need to save and steward animal genetics diversity, and that cannot be done without raising and using the animals.

This interview with Dr. Temple Grandin says it all.