Banding Ducks to Track Egg Color Genetics


Banding Ducks to Track Egg Color Genetics

We raise heritage Ancona Ducks that lay white, cream, blue, green, and grey eggs.

Our Cayuga ducks are from two flocks. One lays white eggs with a dark, heavy charcoal/black bloom at the start of the season; and another flock that lays white or green with a light charcoal bloom.

Why Track Egg Color Hatched From

You know your flock will carry that color if you track the color the duck hatched from, especially with drakes.

Why Track Egg Color Duck Lays

We sell hatching eggs and eating eggs. Many people want to know that they’ll have a chance that the duck they hatch will carry colored egg genetics. The best way to know that is to hatch from an egg of that color. We also track this because we sell eating eggs, and customers enjoy a colorful egg basket. Obviously, you can tell what color a duck lays when you check her nest, but when you have several ducks to keep track or if you want to breed certain genetics, it helps to know what color they lay and what color they hatched from.

Zip Tie ColorAncona DucksCayuga Ducks
BlackHas had antibiotics (not part of food supply, used for genetic purposes only)Same
GreyLays Grey Bloom Egg over WhiteSame
WhiteLays White or Drake from White EggNA
PurpleHatched from Grey EggSame
PinkHatched from White EggFrom Dark Egg Flock Genetics
BlueHatched from Blue EggNA
Neon BlueLays Blue EggNA
GreenHatched from Green EggSame
Neon GreenLays Green EggSame
Neon YellowVariesVaries (example: If it looks pure but is probably half Ancona)
Light BrownLays Cream EggNA
Neon OrangeFrom Flock with Blue Egg Genetics
RedFrom Flock with Green Egg GeneticsNA
BrownHatched from Cream EggNA

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