Ancona/Cayuga Ducklings – Organically Bred No Shots (Can lay white, light grey, or light green) (Pre-Order)

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Perfect Homestead Duck

If you are just looking for eggs and meat, our Ancona/Cayuga Ducklings are the perfect duck for your homestead. The flavor of both Ancona and Cayuga blends well together and the ducks come out various shades of fawn, blue/grey, and chocolate. Many have white speckles, so you can easily tell them apart just like full-blood Ancona. We have these eggs/ducklings more readily available because they come from the general population that has not been separated for our breeding program.

Better than Pekin?

We think so. Pekin are usually the jumbo variety and their legs grow too fast and their bodies too heavy. They will often not be able to breed after about two years.

Better than Khaki Campbell?

Everyone wants Khaki Campbell when they find out how many eggs they lay. But Khaki Campbell are generally very small and we have found they get bumbefoot more often than other breeds. If you want prolific egg layers, look at our Ancona Ducks and our Silver Appleyard Ducks.

Want full-blood Ancona?

Read about our Ancona Ducks and let us know if we can help you decide if this breed is for you.

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